I first set up my studio at Manchester Craft and Design centre in 1996. I make mosaics and silver mosaic jewellery. I work with an Italian glass called smalti which is produced in Murano, Venice. Smalti was used in Byzantine and some important Renaissance mosaics and it is still made in the same way today. I use it for its beautiful colours and the unique quality it brings to mosaic work. I cut the smalti by hand using a traditional hammer and hardie, a tool used to cut stone and glass for over 2000 years. I use traditional techniques to make new objects. I often combine recycled china, glass and stone in my work. I’ve recently started to combine my mosaics with silver and have started to produce a range of silver mosaic jewellery. Some of my work is available to buy online or you can visit me at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. I mainly work to commission and produce individual pieces so please contact me if you wish to discuss a project.