Jill Griffiths is a professional mosaic maker. She first set up her studio at MCDC in 1996 and has worked on many decorative and architectural projects.

She began as a furniture restorer in Knightsbridge and trained in all aspects of restoration, woodwork, gilding and mosaics. She went on to specialise in the restoration of frames and gilding and worked for the highly regarded wood carver and frame maker Riccardo Giaccherini in London. Here she worked on hand carved frames dating from the 17th century and studied traditional gesso and gilding methods used in framing in Italy since that time. She worked on some important frames for major London galleries and for artists including Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon.

Before setting up on her own Jill worked on a project called Soho House, now a successful private members’ club. She worked on the initial restoration of the Georgian houses in Soho and completed historical research for the project. She worked on the budget and plan for the restoration and decoration of the premises and purchased antique furniture, prints and paintings for the club.

Recently Jill has taken inspiration from her background in antique frames and gilding to produce a new range of silver mosaic jewellery.

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